Accused of a Sex Crime and You are Innocent?
Call Mr. Green Immediately!

Being accused of a criminal conduct of a sexual nature can be forever life altering. Whether the conduct is as straight forward as public exposure, to falsely being accused of improper conduct with a child, to molestation. Even if a person is under 18 the DA can charge the case as if the person was an adult. Minor defendants can become sex registrants too.

Every sexual crime carries the potential punishment of sex registration for the remainder of one’s life. A sexually charged case often comes down to credibility of the victim. False accusations of committing a sexual act can often be used as punishment between two people in a domestic violence situation. Often times prison time is involved.

Being accused of sexual crime can become quite serious very fast and it is very important to remain silent and consent to no entries until a search warrant has been obtained. A person accused of a sex crime must remain strong and not “explain away” the conduct.

The greatest reason to have a private attorney in such cases is to avoid the registration requirement (even if it is not a “Meagan’s law” requirement. Being a sex registrant means leaving any home (even if it is home ownership) within 2000 feet where children gather and that excludes schools.

The law offices will carefully manage and fight very hard to have the case properly tried in the courts. The office will request the court to provide expert witnesses on a clients behalf if they cannot afford one otherwise. The law office does not judge anyone because each person is innocent until proven guilty of the offense.

The law firm has successfully represented numerous defendants successfully in avoiding the harsh outcome of sex crime conduct. Each case is different but hard work and effective communication is applied in every case. Police reports often detail one side of the story.

For more information on any situation a client should take advantage of the law offices free 35 minute consultation in a private relaxed meeting.

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