Federal Probation/California Probation – Probation Violation Attorney

If you have violated the conditions of your parole or probation, you may face up to an additional year in jail. Therefore, when facing a probation violation hearing, it is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side who will truly advocate for your interests. Contact the Law Offices of Holden W. Green, A Professional Corporation to speak with a knowledgeable parole and probation violation lawyer.

Federal Probation Violation: Violation of the terms of your federal probation can have strict consequences, which are often more harsh than penalties for violation of state parole. A federal judge – not a prison parole board – will make all decisions regarding your probation, including probation violation sentencing. Federal probation violation sentences may involve revocation of probation for more than a year (sending you back into custody), extension of probation to the original violation term, less time spent in custody, or other penalties.

In federal probation proceedings the judge has discretion in sentencing. There are no strict sentencing guidelines which the judge must follow and the judge is free to accept or reject recommendations by the U.S. Attorney or probation officer.

Effective legal representation in federal probation proceedings may dramatically influence the federal judge’s decision, reduce prison time, and even extend probation down to no jail time. When facing federal probation violation charges, it is critical to speak with a criminal defense attorney experienced in such matters. Attorney Holden Green has the experience, reputation, and perseverance to protect your interests. He speaks directly with your probation officer, working to negotiate results in your favor. In addition, he works to mitigate the offense by presenting letters of support or evidence of positive behavior while you were out of custody on probation.

Experienced Guidance through Probation Violation Hearings

If you have been arrested for violation of probation or parole, the prosecutor may ask you to surrender credits that you have accrued for previous time served. While Attorney Holden Green comprehends the importance of getting credit for every day you have spent in custody, it is sometimes in your best interest to forfeit credits. He evaluates your case and helps you understand the benefits and detriments of surrendering the credits. Additionally, he is experienced at negotiating with parole and probation officers for more favorable offers.

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