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5 Star Testimonial

Green for Mr Green!!! Called up Mr Green after a google search and he was spontaneous in evaluating my circumstances . He clearly articulated the potential outcomes in my situations. He also detailed the process for all alternatives and explained that that 851.91 record clearance may be a quicker option to target for. Within next 30 days , he got the decision my favor despite aggressive opposition from DA’s office. Overall he is a best attorney to be on your side in the hours of need!!
– Dandy

5 Star Testimonial

This guy is amazing! I called him and he thoroughly answered my questions about an expungement case. Mr. Green is very knowledgable and takes the time to discuss any questions you have. I will certainly be contacting him again if anything comes up in the future!
– Katie

5 Star Testimonial

Well it was 2 months ago I contacted mr green regarding a felony I had I wanted to restore my dignity. I committed a crime when I was 18 and paid the price for the last 15 years. I had a felony for GTA and it was a pain in the butt to get jobs and do other things without this over my head. I finally am a felony free man. he told me the time frame would take about 2-3 months and I was ok with that. mr green stood in communication every time I contacted him. never ignored my text or calls. he was able to get my felony reduced to a misdemeanor and then expunged from my record. it was very relieving to know I didn’t even have to go to court. I live in Tracy. and the case was in Santa Clara county and I did this all by phone. worth the price. thanks Mr. Green.
– Michael

5 Star Testimonial

Mr. Green was very communicative and efficient.  He never went beyond his agreed to retainer.  The case appeared hopeless, but this lawyer worked the facts and investigated the case and as a result, a trial was avoided and I got a great result.  This is a great attorney who I would recommend to anyone with legal trouble, even with an arrest.
–  A Criminal Defense Client

5 Star Testimonial

I found Mr. Green to be able to think outside of the box and to be a creative problem solver. The whole trial process was very new to me and Mr. Green not only represented me well, but he was always explaining what he was doing and why as well as encouraging me. He provided psychological support by re-framing things so that I could put everything into perspective during a very stressful time when I was ready to give up.
– A Litigation Client

5 Star Testimonial

I had an issue, Federal, Northern Dist. of CA, that was unresolved from 2002. In 2005, 2006, previously retained lawyers told me not to bother the Feds with my issue. In 2011, I decided to look for a young, ambitious, responsive attorney in Northern California. I found Holden by google, called, liked the way he responded to my questions and was inspired by his enthusiasm to handle my issue.

For a fair and reasonable price, Holden did exactly what he said he could do, no, tricks, no extra $$, no BS. He did what he said and said what he did. You can’t ask for more than that in an attorney. Period.
– Jeff

5 Star Testimonial

I want to give my honest review of the services I received by Holden Green. I hired Mr. Green to help me expunge two misdemeanor DUI’s. I violated the probation of both DUI’s with other misdemeanors. The San Jose adult probation would not expunge these. I tried to file on my own and they rejected them. Mr. Green was able to negotiate the dismissal of both DUI’s. It took about 6 months total time and I had to do 100 hours of community service work, which was pleasant (thank you, Vida Nueva). I felt that was very fair considering my two violations. Mr. Green was very prompt in returning my calls and keeping me updated with the cases. His prices were fair and affordable. I compared his prices to others and his are good. One last thing, on the day I was to meet Mr. Green for the first time, on the way to his San Jose office, my car started to break down and barley made it to his office. Mr. Green used his own AAA card miles to have my car towed to my house in San Jose about 20 miles away. I really appreciated that.  – Mark 

My Family first hired an attorney who promised there would be “no problem”. At the first court appearance he was arrested led away in disbelief. My son was on probation. With no return phone calls or defense we started from scratch with Mr. Green. What a difference. He handled the DMV hearing, the probation fight and the DUI itself. Our son was facing state prison but only served a small amount of time locally. Mr. Green did a fantastic job. Always prepared, patient with all our questions visited Elmwood . The family is grateful. We should have used this attorney from the very start-the outcome could have been different. This attorney cares.
– The Billcury Family.

In 2010 I was stopped in downtown san jose. The officer said that when I moved forward “I peeled out” I denied saying that and in fact entered the green light at a normal speed. Next thing I am being arrested for a DUI and driving on a suspended. I regret waiting for a month to contact the DMV and the hearing was no longer possible. The DMV really is strict about the 10 day rule.

I contacted Mr. Green from a referral from my brother. Mr. Green saw several defenses in my favor as to the stop and filed a motion to supress in court and I WON! The DA had to throw out the entire case I was set free!! This attorney was very communicative, allowed me to make payments and the amount of trouble and fines and higher insurance premiums, DUI school (I blew a .14) of 9 months likely in the thousands all were avoided. Thanks so much HOLDEN GREEN.
– Mike S.

Mr Green is great. He really helped me out a lot. I knew that probation was going to try and violate me so he came in and represented me. Next thing you know probation ask that i be violated. He was able to get me off with a warning. Since then he has stuck with me at every moment. im constanly emailing him with new questions regarding several new matters and he always gets back to me in a quick and timely manner. Even though i dont have alot of money he agreed to work with me on some payment arrangements. I am extremely satisfied with the way everything has panned out with him. i would recommend that anyone who legal problems and needs a lawyer to contact Mr Green. over the past 8 years i have used more than 5 attorneys. He is the only one that has fought for me and the only one i would use in the future. Call him, he really knows what he is doing!!
-Thanks Susan Butler 

I phoned Holden Green at 8:40 on a Sunday morning and he took the call.
It was the day after my teen was arrested.
Green provided me with valuable information on the charge, procedures in the County, what to expect, and an action plan. He helped my family get organized and prepared for the worst while hoping for the best.
He was available for 2 other brief phone consultations in the week leading up to the dropping of the charge. Thank you and well done Mr. Green.
– JustAnotherMom 

I came to Mr. Green with a problem. While traveling to CA I was slipped a drug into a drink. Had a terrible reaction and picked up a criminal case where the DA charged me with five (5)misdemeanors. The police report was not favorable. I was a victim of a crime myself. Mr. Green worked with me out of state where I live. We talked by phone and e-mail. Six months later and never going to CA again for court, the case was dismissed. Mr. Green worked hard and produced the evidence and justice was served. I owe you so much Holden. I am very very grateful and will refer clients forever!
– HS Veriovia.  

I recently contact the law firm on a request to reduce a felony conviction to a misdeamenor. The request was denied (some time back using another law firm)because Probation, the DA and the judge said it has since been amended to a non-alternative felony”. The old lawfirm was shocked and of course never bothered to discover the changes to the charges) I knew at the time of the offense it was a wobbler. Well thanks to Mr. Green he did the research and found it was indeed changed but 18 months after my conviction date. Today I am no longer a convicted felon. My life will shine much brighter as a result. Thanks Holden! With great thanks.  
– GSBerfols 

Mr. Green took oven an expungement case that had been dragged out by another lawyer. He got the other lawyer to refund the fee quickly. Mr. green got my conviction vacated and expunged within two months after I hired him, allowing me to obtain a job which paid $82,000 per year. He did a great job.
F. Patrick McGarry 

I googled Holden Green and was impressed by the detail provided on his website. ( I ended up calling him on a Sunday about my situation and he was considerate enough to speak to me for an hour on his Sunday afternoon. He was able to write a strong declaration, and petition for factual innocence for me and my record was sealed/cleared. I am very thankful to Holden for his attention to detail and incredible knowledge of defense law. I would not hesitate to contact him again in the future.
– Kind Regards,  Steven Gray 

Mr. Green helped me with my felony expungement after I failed to do it on my own two separate times. He repackaged the application got the felony reduced and then dismissed. The process took a month as promised. I now have a good job and finally am on my feet. He was very communicative and helpful. Thanks Mr. Green!
-Sincerely, Gail Clark

I came to Mr. Green with a ticket for excessive speed. I admitted to driving over 65 MPH. Mr. Green appeared at my arraignment asked for a speedy trial sent a subpoena to the officer and because the officer was not prepared the case was dismissed! I never went to court; all calls were always returned promptly a fantastic experience from beginning to end-. The attorney saved me points on my record and thousands of dollars in fines and fees.
-Thanks Holden!  Sincerely, John

The right lawyer can make all the difference Mr. Green is that lawyer.
-G. Brown

Mr. Green was confident and communicative ‘before’ his law office was retained – He made me and my family feel comfortable and at ease that I had quality representation in my corner. In the end my charges were dismissed -Thanks Holden!
-L. Hernandez

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