Legal Help If You are Facing Charges for Drug Crimes or Narcotics Violations

Aggressive San Jose Drug Charge Lawyer

A conviction for a drug charge will leave a permanent mark on your record. It can be seen by potential employers, landlords, banks, and others. It can interfere with your ability to apply for a college loan, to rent an apartment, and to earn a living.

It’s important to do everything possible to prevent a conviction for a drug charge or to reduce the charge to limit the damage it can do to your life. Let the Law Office of Holden W. Green, A Professional Corporation explain your options and provide a vigorous defense in your case.

Diversion Programs Program Resolution

To resolve your case via a treatment / diversion program, you need an experienced attorney negation you access to obtain this type of resolution. These programs provide a way to avoid jail time and convictions. Successful completion of a diversion program can help keep a felony off your record.

This is a very good option because a felony conviction will remain on your criminal record for at least 5 years before you can even try to have it reduced to a misdemeanor. Program resolution frequently necessitates the assistance of an attorney, who can negotiate your way in to these programs.

◾What is Deferred Entry of Judgment (DEJ)? With a DEJ, once a drug treatment program has been successfully completed, charges can be dismissed after 18 months and all records of the court proceedings are destroyed. If the program is not completed, or not completed successfully, then prison time could be possible.
◾What is Proposition 36? Prop 36 is more of a burden than a Deferred Entry of Judgment and the record of the court proceedings remains in place. But it also allows drug charges to be dismissed after the successful completion of an 18-month program similar to probation.

Attorney Green has been defending people in San Jose and Santa Clara County since 1994. He and his legal team represent clients in state and federal drug cases for any drug charge, including:

◾Drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia
◾Under the influence of drugs (in public)
◾Sale of drugs or possession with intent to sell
◾Transportation of drugs
◾Manufacturing of drugs (meth or designer drugs) or cultivation of narcotics (marijuana, opium, cocaine)
◾Criminal charges sometimes associated with drug crime, including conspiracy, money laundering, weapons charges


“I was charged with four felonies. I went for seven months with a public defender and was found guilty by everyone including the judge. I was set for trial. In a panic I called Mr. Green. Right away he noticed that the stop was unconstitutional. He filed a motion to suppress and the case was dismissed! He then filed a motion to have my lawful property returned and won that as well. Next he moved to have my arrest sealed . Before Mr. Green I was sure I was headed to state prison and parole! I was saved from being a convicted felon. This is a fantastic lawyer! Gratefully C Granger.”

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